Friday Find

So I've decided that fridays will now be for our favorite "find" of the week, as in something new and amazing and wonderful we've discovered during the week. This week it's the photo+video team of stop.go.love. I love their unique style, and the great angles they use. The stop.go.love. team is from the Boston area. They are rockstars. See for yourself.

Josh & Sara Hester Trailer from stopgolove on Vimeo.


Wedding Signs That Rock

Couples lately have been abandoning the tradition of getting married under an arbor and having custom signs made that reflect their personalities. There are a lot of sellers on etsy making custom signs and plenty to choose from on google, or why not make one yourself?

Here are some of our favorites from around the interwebs.





images courtey: jonas peterson and kyle hale


Fall Colors Inspiration Board

I fell in love with this color combo today, and why wouldn't I? They are perfection! Why should fall colors have to be dull or drab? I love fall and I love color, so they should go hand in hand.