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this is our first "guest blogger" post, by my one true love, my husband. take it away.

well hi. So, as I read these posts for brides seeking inspiration I think "what about us guys?" So we decided that every so often we'll be posting some man related content. And for the first post we are going to talk about man attire, or as i like to call it...manttire. (for the record, i don't actually call it manttire)

Though the bride stresses out about finding the perfect dress, men usually settle for what's easiest or cheapest. Furthermore, most men don't even realize there are alternatives to the traditional rented tux.

It could be as simple as buying a tailored suit. It might cost more in the short term, but you get to keep it. And i firmly believe that every man should have at least one nice suit cut for them. Consider going to this guy... (sidenote: the photographer, Scott Andrew has a good rant about men looking good on their wedding day here.)


Or, go with a custom cut blazer like this guy did photographed by Justin & Amelia Lyon.
He looks amazing! The jacket came from Lord Willy's of New York.

or cut out the coat all together and opt for a tailored vest/pant combo like this, shot by ben blood
Whatever you do, do something that fits your personal style, and put some thought into it.

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Kristi Wright said...

Love the man's perspective! It's good to hear from the the other half. Nice wardrobe options. My fav is the first one...so classy.