friday favorite {proper measures}

i found proper measures a few months ago while wandering the internet and i immediately fell in love with their style. proper measures is a modern event styling and design company from birmingham, alabama run by the husband and wife team of will and stephanie drake. in their own words:

"We like to call ourselves aesthetic consultants, because our main priority is to design a cohesive environment for an event that is centered around the client. We like to get to know the people we are planning an event for, figure out what makes them unique, then find a way to celebrate that in the details. We are trying to get back to a time when weddings were intimate gatherings that shined a light on the individuals getting hitched, instead of what we see a lot of nowadays, a flashy show of empty ideas, unrelated content, and "look how much this cost me" attitudes...so, we want to help newly engaged couples keep their heads above water and steer them in the right direction. We handle a large portion of the wedding day necessities, so you don't have to hire a million vendors, we are sort of a one stop shop. Fashion, florals, favors, sweets, & decor are all part of our packages, and we can also assist with the selection of the rest of the vendors needed to ensure the event is well rounded & complete. Incorporating the client is the most important thing, but we also have a creative & unique approach to the design process. We have more than a few tricks up our sleeves, and want clients to see something NEW at every event. The best thing about our job is that every client, every party we plan, is different. Being able to express ourselves in a completely new way with each event is why we got into this business. If everyone is special and unique, why shouldn't every event also be?"

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photography by: our labor of love & paperdoll photography

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