good looking groomwear & DIY Wed

oh wow, that one-day holiday REALLY threw me off this week.
sorry for the sparse blogging- we're one editor down for the moment (and there is only two of us :) and this week has really flown by!

I saw this adorable wedding on green wedding shoes today and though there were tons of great details and lots of DIY & eco things i loved about this wedding, I especially loved the grooms attire.

3 essentials to make any bride say: dammmnnnn about her man:

a dark tailored suit.
a skinny tie.
a bitchin boutonniere.

this guy had it all.
i would also add to this list a 4th- awesome socks. i bet he wore those too, i just didn't see them.

what i especially loved about the flowers was that they were all handmade from inexpensive fabric or free fabric remnants. what a fabulous idea. flowers can be a huge wedding budget buster and then they are all thrown away in a matter of days. i think this alternative is genius!

captured by Mark Brooke Photographers

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