not just her name.

i'll have to admit, this wedding caught my eye on welovepictures blog because the bride is named kirsten. not kristen. not kristin. kirsten- just like me. one time i asked rebecca if all "rebeccas" freak out when they meet each other- she laughed and said: no. Well, all "kirstens" do, we love to meet each other. and since this kirsten is my new bff (obviously...) let's take a peek at her wedding.
simple but obviously thought-out.
(with some really bad ass looking groomsmen!)

Picture 9

Picture 7

i love to see a groom totally gobsmacked by his gorgeous bride.

nice work David & Kirsten- your wedding really made me smile.

bisous, kirsten

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Amanda Hagood said...

first off, yes!, bad ass looking groomsmen!
second, love this rustic style. the setting and the details are all gorgeous.