idaho bride

these pictures were taken by the talented Justin Hackworth just miles from my house in idaho. this bride is completely stunning- i can't get enough of her dress & veil. If you live in utah, you MUST be at Justin's 30 strangers opening reception* tonight on center street in Provo. If only we didn't live 4 hours away [from EVERYTHING!]... sigh...

*For the third edition of Hackworth’s 30 Strangers Project and fund raiser, the fine art photographer shot portraits of 30 sets of mothers and daughters, some spanning four generations, over 30 days. Participants were selected at random from over 400 people that asked to be part of the project. In lieu of a sitting fee, each donated to the Center for Women & Children in Crises.

what a great guy.

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WeddingXpert said...

I'm definitely in love with her dress! I usually lean more towards strapless, but something about this is so elegant and vintage. And with the silk bow and birdcage veil, her look is completely irresistable!