just a whole lot of awesomeness.

i've been compiling little things i've found all over for the past week.
here it is.
all of it :)

love the claw foot tub as giant cooler found via Ruffled Blog

adore this lacy short dress, especially cute because her mom wore it 30 years earlier- also from Ruffled Blog

i love a streamer background [and can you get a more budget-friendly option?! it's perfect] found via Rock n Roll Bride

i love it when you can tell a bride and groom dressed in a way that's totally THEM, whatever that might be [not what they're wedding planner suggested] a gorgeous shot from Amelia Lyon Photography *as a personal note, i bought nic some chucks to wear for our last reception. I bought them for him nearly 3 years before we got married so they could be perfectly broken in. I bought some for me at the same time for the same reason- we both totally forgot about it and never wore them at our wedding. SO SAD! that's what we get for planning 3 years ahead I guess :)


Claire said...

I also love the streamer backdrop. I have seen these done with paper streamers but also wonderful colors of ribbon. It turns out so wonderful with the ribbons.

Dandelion and Grey said...

I LOVE these finds! The clawfoot tub is incredible!

Ok you are SO cute. I LOVE that you were planning three years ahead! One of the sweetest, most endearing things I've ever heard! Too bad you forgot!!