I'm Back! And a Darling Wedding From Oh Darling.

I have returned from the land of babies! No more baby bump for me. Thank goodness! It's nice to feel like myself again and have the energy to do things. And it's so amazing being a mom, I love it. Christopher is so cute and makes me smile, almost every minute of the day. He's great, if you want to hear more about him and SEE him, check out my photography blog. He's taken it over. haha

BUT NOW! I am going to be blogging on a more regular basis, starting with the adorable NYC wedding of Melanie and Jesse from the equally adorable husband and wife team of Oh Darling! Photography. They do an amazing job capturing events, we love them. How much do you love that bride's dress though? A lot?

And as always we love to see submissions from our readers, whether you are a photographer, coordinator, a bride, or just a wedding obsessed reader. Send them our way!









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forget.me.knot.weddings said...

Love this wedding!! Welcome back!!