anniversary frames

i know there are some of you out there who are planning your wedding soiree but perhaps for a few of you (me included) we hope to never, ever get married again. we're happy in wedded bliss- but weddings are just so fun to look at; we can't keep ourselves away.
so here's to you... the happily married.


a few wonderful 3rd anniversary frames from James Moes




I love the idea of documenting your love throughout time- you won't always have that house, those floors, that dog (ok, that was sad) those clothes, ect. pictures capture a moment of time in your lives- a beautiful way to look back and remember with fondness. Because someday you'll think back (and look back) at your 3rd anniversary and say: WOAHHH. we were babies.

to new love. old love... and everything in between <3

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