if you read wedding inspiration blogs, photographers websites, follow wedding-related peeps on twitter or basically, if you have the internet- you might be aware of some ever-brewing controversy about props like balloons when used for portraits. some photogs hate them and think they are crutches. others use them and love them. i for one think props can be done well, or done poorly. but, that's how most things are in life, right?
here are some cuties.


a beautiful shoot by the talented max wanger. do you read cup of jo? it's a great blog. these are engagement pics of cup of jo herself- joanna goddard.

balloon send off at a wedding. found via oncewed

not just cute balloons but super adorable clouds...
by maddy lucas. view her other work here.

and i realize this is a pinwheel, not a balloon- but same idea right? i'm in love - mustard bmw 2002, a beach and a pinwheel. kate spade promotional pic found via one of my favorite daily reads oh happy day!

so what do you think? will you be having balloons or other props at your engagement session or wedding?


Ariel Nebeker said...

I think if they're appropriate to a couple's personality or story and they are introduced in a subtle or clever way that doesn't detract from the couple then they are a nice prop. However, couple's should be aware of what's trendy, like right now many are using ballons, suitcases or even oranges. If a couple wants to be unique and not have pictures just like everyone else, they should simply be themselves.

Sara said...

Truly, from a photographer's standpoint...the balloons were cute the first time. It's way past then.

Melissa said...

AWESOME POST! Well I LURVE balloons. Balloons are such a big part of our childhood memories and I always relate them to happiness and celebration...who couldn't love 'em! When a couple is feeling a little shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera...having a prop or too makes relax and focus on something other then the camera. Pull out a couple of fake mustaches and see how quickly that breaks the ice and makes people laugh and be themselves. If it works and the photos look beautiful and whimsical and inspiring I say bring on the props!!