earthy wedding bands

let's be honest.
to some girls diamonds are not their best friends.
maybe their VW bus, chacos or their rugged bearded boyfriends are really their best friends.
and if this is the case, why settle for an all-too-common diamond engagement ring or wedding band? here are some more earthy alternatives (not that diamonds don't come from the earth.. i know they do. but you know what i mean; don't you?)


BethCyrWeddings offers lovely tree-bark inspired bands. bark.. yum..


love the look of these hammered bands from preciousjd. once when i was young i bought a ring like this from a street artisan in canada. i don't know when i lost it, but i've missed it ever since.


a wooden ring with a turquoise inlay is so very pretty from stoutwoodworks. read how they are made- it's fascinating!

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I love this. Thank You!