jewelry done well

i think most of us on our wedding day want to be two things:
our most beautiful self
one of a kind.

i'd feel awful if i showed up on my wedding day wearing the same shoes, earrings or necklace as my aunt who came to share in my special day. [who wouldn't?]

ensure that won't happen by finding the most unique and beautiful handmade accessories.... etsy is always a great place to start the handmade-hunt.

taking the plunge? say it sailor style with this adorable and affordable AHOY necklace from Joanna Rutter

are you a bird in a cage bride? yes- oh good, we're so happy to hear that! show it on your wedding day with these sweet and simple little bird necklaces from Lana0Crystal



or maybe you have a special affinity for roses, matryoshka dolls and heart lockets in which case the perfect necklace for you is made by: japonicas


whatever you choose; you'll rock it.

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dognbird said...

Loving the silver bird (of course!)